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My Unique Multi-Dimensional Approach to Wellness

My Unique Psycho-Bio-Spiritual Multi-Dimensional Approach to Wellness:

Defragmentation, Integration, and Rejuvenation  


I assist my clients by providing them with and educating them on the most practical, authentic, and affordable solutions, services, and products – and yes, even in assisting them in learning how to be successful at finding other experts whom they could trust, so they know longer seek aimlessly – that would fully appreciate their individuality, resonate with their core values, and empower them by awakening them to the self-healing power that resides within them. 


Whereas most conventional and holistic practitioners focus on the treatment of symptoms and take a symptom-based approach to facilitating the temporary recovery of their patients and clients, I, as an educator and consultant, assist my clients in overcoming their unhealthy beliefs, habits, and patterns that create the stress that saps their energy, suppresses their passions, diminishes their sense of self, inhibits their transcendence, and blocks the love, happiness, peace, acceptance, and prosperity, which prevents them from experiencing a fully awakened life with deeper meaning and purpose. 


I understand that optimal health and wellness cannot be achieved through one approach alone, and I also understand that we can only teach others how to heal and transform their own lives – and that we can do so effectively, independent of any dogma.  The path to self-realization and optimal wellness is simpler than we have been misled to believe.


I use an integrated, Divinely guided, multi-dimensional approach in working with my clients to assist them in developing a healthy body, mind, and spirit in a way that it is individualized to each client and in a way that does not engender guilt, shame, regret, added stress, or unnecessarily expensive protocols.  


My consultations include nutritional education, psychic consulting, unique conflict resolution healing systems – including quantum biofeedback and German New Medicine – Spiritual advising, and individualized personal empowerment training and coaching, free from dogma, complicated jargon, and convoluted – and often confusing – belief systems.


The combination of methods I use and the tools I provide my clients with are unique and unlike those you may have found anywhere else.  I work from the principle that each one of us has a unique body, mind, spirit, and bio-energetic blueprint, as each one of us faces and copes with unique conflicts and stress producing agents (stressors) that inform our unique life experiences, present us with unique challenges and opportunities for growth, and affect our ability to heal and thrive in unique ways.  


I don’t preach to my clients what to believe, what to think, or what to feel, but rather offer clients new ways of thinking and feeling that would bring them personal fulfillment and joy in their lives, regardless of their circumstances.


I insist that my clients never simply accept what is said by even their authority figures, gurus, and experts, including me, and instead allow themselves to stay open-minded and only accept what is being taught once they can verify it for themselves through their own direct experience.


I foster in my clients a belief in themselves and their abilities above all else while welcoming them to find in me the direction and guidance they have sought.


I am the kind of open-minded teacher and consultant always imparting wisdom I never stop learning that also teaches how to think rather than what to think, guides rather than dictates, offers solutions rather than demands compliance, leads humbly rather than coaxes into following blindly, strives to inculcate belief and trust in one’s own intuition above all else, promotes acceptance and practices non-judgment every step of the way, and uses Divine Inspiration and Divine Guidance to govern every single session I facilitate.


In my sessions with clients I ask them first to set a clear intention as to how they would like to improve their lives, as our sessions are designed to be solution-oriented, based on their specific needs.  If they would prefer not to state a clear intention, I allow Spirit to guide every session nonetheless, so each session always delivers what each client needs most but may not have been consciously aware that they needed at the time.  Ultimately, sessions with clients are uniquely customized to fit their individualized needs.  No two sessions are alike.