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Nutritional and Dietary Supplement Coaching

Nutritional Education 

When patients visit doctors, they are typically already experiencing symptoms of disease and are either looking for a quick fix to mask the physical symptom and/or seeking disease treatment, which typically includes pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and often expensive medical intervention.  Medical doctors attend medical school to study disease and the treatment of the symptoms of disease and rarely receive any education in nutrition.  Most health care practitioners, including those in the natural health care industry, simply restore their patients back to the place that they were before the onset of symptoms and disease without actually providing them with any tools for enhancing their wellness through nutritional education.


Meanwhile, conventional nutritionists and dieticians, those that design hospital and lunch food programs, are indoctrinated and trained by a corporate-driven system designed to sustain its own power.  Thus, the recommendations they offer to their clients are often incomprehensive and rudimentary at best and detrimental at worst.  For example, dietetic masters programs not only fail to teach about the benefits of probiotics but also never touch upon the health effects of grains, the benefits of cholesterol in fueling the brain and healing the body, and the best ways for reducing inflammation in the body through diet.


Many other nutritionists will become certified by one organization and offer their clients a myopic nutritional regimen designed around a specific ideology that can harm rather than promote a client’s health.  But, as the saying goes, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”  


The education I provide to my clients is not only the result of the comprehensive education I have undertaken myself through years of self-motivated and self-directed research but also through years of training by various nutritional experts in virtually every field, and years of self-application and working with others and achieving results. 


However, I do not ascribe to diet ideologies or fads but simply educate about the proper consumption of the best whole foods depending upon the specific goals of the client.  I educate with passion and conviction but refrain from ever instilling fear subtly or overtly in my clients as a means of converting them to my personal way of eating.  I am not a diet marketer or missionary or self-entitled guru seeking converts.


Dietary Supplement Education


Nutritional supplementation has become a necessity in the modern day.


Over time, the nutritional value of foods has been dramatically reduced.  Our food is often picked too early, transported across long distances, laden with pesticides and insecticides, and grown in depleted soil, all adversely affecting the quality and nutritional content of foods.  


Also, the significant increase in the number and degree of environmental stressors has made the need for supplementation even more vital for maintaining one’s health.    


Choosing the proper dietary supplements, however, can be quite a challenging – and even a downright seemingly impossible task – for many.  There are many dietary supplements on the market today, and the average person is often overwhelmed with the endless choices and is unable to accurately discern the best and most appropriate supplements for his/her specific health concerns from the unnecessary and least effective ones.  Meanwhile, others become outright frustrated and defeated about the lack of results they are experiencing from taking certain supplements, as often they have been advised incorrectly. 


I educate my clients about only the highest quality, most bioavailable supplements on the market that they could choose to integrate into their dietary regimen for addressing and improving their specific concerns – for example, for anything from reducing stress and anxiety to improving athletic and academic performance to strengthening the appearance of hair, skin, and nails.