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Beyond nutrition and diet, stress prevention is also necessary for sustaining optimal health.  Stress arising from unresolved conflicts can prevent one from moving in a positive direction back to health, regardless of what healthy foods are being eaten.  We are not only what we eat but also what we feel and what we think.  What we feel and what we think impacts our stress response and how we manage and prevent its buildup.


Although we all experience stress, if we lack the ability to manage or prevent its buildup, it will build up as tension in the brain, body and energetic structures surrounding the body and will have devastating effects on all areas of our life and health.  It is now recognized that stress can depress the immune system, upset the gastrointestinal system, crash the adrenals, lead to degeneration of the vertebrae and discs in the spine, contribute to the growth of cancer cells, and cause and aggravate a whole host of diseases, disorders, and conditions that wreak havoc on the body. 


The accumulation of years of mental, emotional, physical, and environmental (chemical) stress becomes stored in every cell of the body as tension: It’s stored in our muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, organs, digestive system, skin, spinal cord, and brain.  This tension not only alters the structure and function of every tissue and membrane in our bodies but also adversely impacts every physiological and energetic function that takes place within our bodies.  A reinforcing cyclical pattern of physical, emotional, and mental degeneration ensues, with tension buildup reinforcing our negative moods and thoughts, exhausting our stress response, and further impairing our ability to make empowering choices – and resulting in even more stress and tension that only builds and builds.  We either will choose to bust our stress levels, or ultimately prolonged stress will become distress and trauma that will bust us.


Given the integral role stress plays in governing one’s well-being, stress detection, reduction, and prevention should be a major component of any health and wellness education program.


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Holistic Life Audit – Advanced Programs


Our health is not controlled by our genetics.  Epigenetic influences have a profound impact on disease causation and aggravation.  Most complex diseases are not genetically determined.  The extent to which we develop tools to resolve our psychic conflicts, commit ourselves to becoming more self-aware, and prioritize maintaining an optimal nutritional status, has a profound impact on our gene expression, life force, and success in all areas of our lives. 


My mission is to help others awaken to their own power to connect with the divine within – their Divine source of wisdom and their Divine connection with the Force of Creation that seeded their consciousness into existence –  in order to re-discover their power to heal themselves and take back control of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health so that they can alter their gene expression and disrupt the unhealthy and unproductive intergenerational patterns of behavior and thinking that have prevented them from living their best, most authentic lives. 


To create a world where, through providing the most advanced, comprehensive, and yet easy to digest health education, I aim to help build a community of empowered, self-aware, and health-conscious human beings that can confidently speak their truth, live their truth, and honor their body, free their mind, and nourish their soul, at all times and at all costs.


The comprehensive Holistic Life Audit programs I offer involve a series of sessions looking at my client’s heritage, home environment, relationships, relationship with money, business, career, diet/nutritional status, and so much more, to assist my client in taking an inventory of his/her life in order to make profound changes that will enable him/her to experience more abundance, joy, health, and love. 


Please email me to book a free 15-minute consultation to ask me about any questions you may have about the comparisons between various programs to determine which program would be best for you.  We have 3 different program levels addressing all areas of life.