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As an integrative health educator, shamanic healer, holistic life auditor, psychic business consultant, quantum biofeedback expert, relationship whisperer, and spiritual advisor, Alfred is dedicated to leading his clients on a path towards self-realization, self-empowerment, self-ownership, self-love, and optimal health.  


Alfred has developed a very unique, highly integrated, Divinely guided, Primal-focused, multi-dimensional approach in working with his clients to assist them in developing a healthy body, mind, and spirit, and to do so in a way that is individualized to each client, that does not engender guilt, shame, regret, or added stress, and that is sustainable and spiritually-centered.  What Alfred’s clients most appreciate is that he understands that optimal health and wellness cannot be achieved through one approach alone, as healing requires that we be divinely inspired, mentally deprogrammed, and physically rejuvenated – and that we can do so effectively only when we are not married to dogma or limited by fear.  


Alfred has educated and mentored clients in ways that have enabled them to go on to experience weight loss and elimination of chronic pain, anxiety, and/or depression; clearing up of persistent skin conditions and recurrent infections; and gut microbiome rejuvenation. He also has helped clients achieve more fulfillment and joy in their relationships, reach a higher net worth, heal their childhood and ancestral wounds, overcome their emotional triggers, develop higher levels of self-awareness, discover and enhance their spiritual gifts, and even experience a spiritual awakening. 


Alfred’s specialties and services include nutraceutical advising, plant medicine guidance, remote quantum healing, ancestral wound identification and healing, quantum DNA decoding and epigenetic reprogramming, medical mediumship, numerology divination, conflict resolution and mediation, self-love and romantic alignment coaching, and many other forms of primal healing.  While Alfred remains committed to educating himself on all the most advanced technologies and systems and thrives on conducting research to refine his unique approach in working with clients and developing programs, he remains firmly rooted in drawing upon ancient natural and healing modalities and Divine inspiration in everything he does.